if ur a boy and u play animal crossing ur automatically cute

added bonuses that Nintendo never advertise

actually planning to buy this game soon. Cuteness, here i come!


Pokemon X/Y | Battle! (Champion)

FAV Champion song in the history of ever. I LOVE IT, i dance to it and then i run around the house dancing to it again

unsandpiper said: they even have images (official, i think) of sora and riku and probably kairi in the art style of theatrhythm and the kh series has such a great ost it’s bound to happen one day

That art style is probably from KH Mobile or KH Chi. They havent shown anything official about KHT but i too believe it will happen eventually. (i wish for a KH Dissidia too but i know that wont happen)

unsandpiper said: this is not kingdom hearts theatrhythm wtf

KH Theatrhythm needs to happen. If KH3 doesnt release next year they need to make it to continue with the 1 KH game every year

COMING 2014!!

What is this game even??? I want 30!

Shiki has never been on tumblr..or the internet

Shiki has never been on tumblr..or the internet

oh wow

oh wow

Amen to that

Amen to that